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Professional Property Maintenance Services


TLCs Property Maintenance division provides many different services to property and landowners in Cyprus. Our expert team of professionals have years of experience and knowledge working with a mixed property portfolio, and can offer the following services:

• Residential Cleaning
• Garden Maintenance and Landscaping
• Pool Maintenance
• Window Cleaning
• Pest Control
• Minor Construction and Repairs


Professional knowledge of pool maintenance is essential.  Someone who can just read a test kit does not necessarily mean they have the knowledge and experience to maintain a pool or hot tub/jacuzzi according to health and safety rules and regulations.  We strive to ensure that the health and safety of the pool users are not placed at risk.

TLC has in house qualified technicians - Upon visiting the pool, minimum two times per week, the techinian shall test the water for the correct chemical balance, add the necessary chemicals, clean skimmer baskets or overflow drain, clean water pump basket and vacuum the pool for any debris. we also carry out regular laboratory analysis of the pool water. 

This service also includes the maintenance of the machinery itself.

The cost of this service can be given after TLC's qualified pool team has thoroughly inspected pool including construction and machinery.


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